Maximilian Blaschke, M.Sc.

Research Agenda:

My research aims to shed light and solve political barriers within climate policy and sustainability measures. I focus on regulatory incentives that foster the adoption of greener alternative technologies. Using simulations and economic models I investigate taxation mechanisms, subsidy schemes and policies and regulations with a sustainability focus. My research provides solutions that drive and incentivize the adoption of renewable energy and clean transportation for a more sustainable future.


Anschrift: Arcisstr. 21, 80333 München
Telefon: +49 (0) 89 289-25003
Telefax: +49 (0) 89 289-25802
Zimmer: 2421
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Akademischer Werdegang:

seit 04/17
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und Doktorand
Lehrstuhl für Controlling, Technische Universität München
10/14 - 02/17 Studium der Technologie- und Managementorientierten BWL
Technische Universität München
Abschluss: M.Sc. TUM
09/15 - 02/16 Auslandsaufenthalt
ISEG School of Economics, Lissabon, Portugal
10/11 - 08/14

Studium der Technologie- und Managementorientierten BWL
Technische Universität München

Abschluss: B.Sc. TUM

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Cost Accounting (Vorlesung)
Cost Accounting (Übung)

Controlling (Übung)

Management Accounting (Übung)
Advanced Seminar in Finance & Accounting: Entrepreneurial Modelling
Advanced Seminar in Finance & Accounting: Case Study Seminar
Advanced Topics in Finance & Accounting: Corporate Valuation



Policy Design



Main Publications:

Blaschke, Maximilian J.: Dynamic pricing of electricity: Enabling demand response in domestic households, Energy Policy (164), 2022


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Current Working Papers:

Blaschke, Maximilian J.Innovation Trigger or Political Symbolism: How Green are Subsidies in Electric Vehicles?
Blaschke, Maximilian J.: How households benefit from pre-announced electricity price information: a rolling horizon simulation with a battery storage system
Steinbach, Sarah; Blaschke, Maximilian J.: Enabling E-mobility: Can PV and home battery significantly reduce grid reinforcement costs?
Kemmer, Lukas; Blaschke, Maximilian J.; Bach, Amadeus; Friedl, Gunther; Reichelstein, Stefan: The emergence of levelized cost modeling: A review and directions for future research
Schloter, Lukas; Blaschke, Maximilian J.: Hidden discrimination: Why regulators around the world might deny a common measuring system for the emissions of vehicles
Steinbach, Sarah; Blaschke, Maximilian J.: Another source of inequality? How grid reinforcement costs differ by socio-economic EV user groups