Prof. Dr. Dr. Paul P. Momtaz



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Room: 3508




Professor Momtaz currently works at TUM School of Management where he is holding the ‘‘Professur für Entrepreneurial Finance.’’ Previously, he held the Chair of Private Equity at the House of Finance in Frankfurt, Professor Momtaz's hometown in Germany, where he had returned at the onset of the pandemic. He is also a Ph.D. candidate at UCLA and has affiliations with the Wharton School as the Metzler Visiting Professor in the Management Department and as a Research Associate with the Centre of Blockchain Technologies at University College London’s Computer Science Department.

Research Interests

Professor Momtaz's primary research interest is in decentralized markets, platforms, and organizations (often related to crypto and blockchain). Professor Momtaz's research focuses on value creation, appropriation, and competition in decentralized settings, and empirically assesses the aggregate efficiency of decentralized markets. His secondary research interests are in the intersection of corporate strategy and finance (e.g., mergers and acquisitions, private equity, firm value and performance), labor and innovation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance, ESG/sustainability, and emotions and affective decision-making.

Key Publications

Financing Sustainable Entrepreneurship: ESG Measurement, Valuation, and Performance
Journal of Business Venturing, 2022 (with S. Mansouri)

The CEO Beauty Premium
Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 2022 (with M. G. Colombo, C. Fisch, S. Vismara)

The Economics of Law Enforcement: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Corporate Takeover Law
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2021 (with G. Dissanaike, W. Drobetz, J. Rocholl)

  •  Lead Article
  • Nominated for best paper award (Financial Management Association)

CEO Emotions and Firm Valuation in Initial Coin Offerings: An Artificial Emotional Intelligence Approach
Strategic Management Journal, 2021

Entrepreneurial Finance and Moral Hazard: Evidence from Token Offerings
Journal of Business Venturing, 2021

Institutional Investors and Post-ICO Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Investor Returns in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2020 (with C. Fisch)

Antitakeover Provisions and Firm Value: New Evidence from the M&A Market
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2020 (with W. Drobetz)

Competition Policy and the Profitability of Corporate Acquisitions
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2020 (with G. Dissanaike and W. Drobetz)

  •  Nominated for best paper award (Financial Management Association)

Initial Coin Offerings
PLOS ONE, 2020

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