Course recognition

General information

The recognition of courses taken abroad is centrally organized at the TUM School of Management. Each study program has different options for recognition of international modules. Please have a look at the document for your study program. You find these documents under “Credit Transfer” in the download section. Please check if the course you wish to attend at a university abroad is listed in the database for transfer of credits. database for transfer of credits.


IMPORTANT: In case that our department needs to check if a new course is elligible for recognition, please fill the the form Confirmation of Course Equivalence of a an International Module BEFORE contacting the responsible person.

In particular, we need the following information:

  • Course content, learning objectives, and course material (e.g. textbooks)
  • Course work load / credits (hours per week, how many weeks?)
  • Information on the course structure

PLEASE NOTE: The attended course has

  • to be largely equivalent in the course content and learning objectives 
  • to comprise at least the same workload (credits, hours)

as the course that should be recognized. 

For finance courses that do not directly match the topics covered in our courses you can apply for (Advanced) Topics Finance & Accounting.

The list below shows who is responsible for the different courses that our department offers.


Course name
Asset Management 6 Master Minghui Chen  
Advanced Topics in Finance & Accounting 3 Master Victoria Treßel  
Advanced Seminar in Finance & Accounting 6 Master Victoria Treßel  
Derivatives 6 Master Christoph Kaserer  
International Capital Markets 3 Master Wangzhen Xia  
Corporate Finance 6 Bachelor Aida Cehajic  
Topics in Finance & Accounting 3 Bachelor Lisa Knauer  
Seminar in Finance & Accounting 6 Bachelor Lisa Knauer  
Investitions- und Finanzmanagement* 6 Bachelor Victoria Treßel  
Grundlagen Betriebswirtschaftslehre (Nebenfach) 3 Bachelor Marie-Christine Groß  



*only German-language courses can be recognised as equivalent. Non-German courses can be recognized as equivalent to Investment and Financial Management by the Chair of Entrepreneurial Finance, see here.