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Lecture ECTS Semester Bachelor1 Master1
Advanced Seminar in Finance and Accounting: Cases in Finance2 6


Advanced Seminar in Finance and Accounting: Empirical Asset Pricing2 6 Summer   x
Asset Management 6 Winter   x
Bloomberg Workshop -

Summer / Winter

x x
Corporate Finance 6 Summer x  
Derivatives 6 Summer   x
Getting started with Refinitiv Workspace and Datastream - Summer / Winter x x
Investment and Financial Managment 6 Winter x  
International Capital Markets and Investment Practice 3 Summer   x
Seminar in Finance and Accounting: Cases in Finance 6

Summer / Winter


1 Please refer to your study and examination regulations to verify whether a course can be taken as part of your degree program. 

2 For more information on the current (Advanced) Topics and (Advanced) Seminars, please refer to TUMonline


Lectures current term (WS23/24)