Teaching Strategy

Teaching goals

Our research goals are (1) to rigorously train students for a career in practice, (2) to advance the social skills of students and to enable them to take a responsible role in business and society, and (3) to familiarize students with empirical research in order to enable them to understand the results of research studies, to critically evaluate topics in the light of existing research and to generate enthusiasm for scientific inquiry.

Teaching techniques

We offer different classes ranging from introductory courses in financial accounting and corporate governance to advanced courses in accounting and auditing research. Thereby, we use a variety of teaching techniques. After an introduction to a topic we use in-class student discussions first with each other and then with the lecturer. These discussions should prompt students to reflect the topic, to think critically about it and to relate it to the course material. The discussions also enable students to come to know each other and to work together. We illustrate topics by providing real life examples from newspapers, annual reports, films or core results of research studies. In exercise courses students are assigned case studies to further train the topics.
Finally, we want to provide students a good service. All course materials are distributed over Moodle. We are approachable after each lecture, in the office (by appointment), or per mail. We carefully prepare students for the exam by providing exercise sessions. In addition, we regularly offer a variety of project studies as well as bachelor and master theses.