WS20/21 Start-up financing | Exam information

The registration for the exam in Start-up financing for winter term 20/21 is now open. Please read the following instructions carefully before you register for the exam via TUMonline.


Dear Students,

The registration for the exam in Start-up financing for winter term 20/21 is now open. Please read the following instructions carefully before you register for the exam via TUMonline. 

The exam is conducted as a remote electronic examination using PROCTORIO. We hope for your understanding since this examination format ensures your safety and an opportunity to participate for your colleagues who face restrictions regarding physical appearance.



This form of remote examination takes place under automated online remote supervision. The exam questions are made available to you in Moodle/Proctorio and answered directly in the system.



You can take the exam independent of location, e.g., from home at your private workspace. Data protection regulations stipulate that, as an alternative, TUM must also offer the examination in person with supervision on campus. 

Please note that there is no difference in format between the remote exam and the exam in person. So the in-person exam takes as well place digitally via Proctorio on your laptop. 

In light of the still tense situation due to COVID-19, we kindly ask you to sign-up to take the exam from an independent location.


Required equipment:


Please note that Proctorio supports only Windows and macOS in their latest versions. Moreover, tablets and smartphones are not supported to take the examination.

If you elect to take the examination at home from your private workspace, you will need a computer/laptop with a camera, speaker and microphone, and an internet connection. 

If you elect to take the examination on campus at TUM, you will need to bring a laptop with WLAN capability. Make sure your laptop's battery is sufficiently charged. We cannot guarantee that the lecture hall will have power outlets. If you do not have a laptop with sufficient battery capacity, please contact your examiner well before the examination day. Moreover, we can not guarantee wireless internet connectivity since it is out of our capability.


You will require the internet browser Chrome and an additional browser plugin to use Moodle together with Proctorio. You can uninstall the plugin thoroughly after the examination. As a prerequisite to accessing the actual exam, a mock exam will be available on Proctorio a couple of days before the examination date. Thereby you can ensure your system meets the requirements.


Date and time:

Tuesday, 23rd of February 2021, 16:00 - 18:00. Please register for the exam via TUMonline until the latest Monday, 1st of February 2021. The registration is binding, so please choose carefully.


Registration via TUMonline:

Remote exam from an independent location: 

Start-up financing - WI001163o

Thank you for taking this option. You take an active role in fighting the pandemic!


Remote exam on campus: 

Start-up financing - WI001163

The supervised exam will take place in Garching at room CH 21010, Hans-Fischer-Hörsaal (5401.01.101K). Please plan to arrive in the room 30 minutes before the exam starts.


After the expiration of the registration period, participants will receive further information on the procedure of the examination.

In case of questions, please feel free to reach out to


Kind regards & stay safe,

Maximilian Vrecko