The foundation of the TUM Business School led to the establishment of the new and so far unique course Technology and Management oriented Business Administration (TUM-BWL; as Bachelor- (B.Sc.) and Master program (M.Sc.)), which combines a modern business administration education and a well-founded knowledge of technical and natural sciences. Furthermore, a postgraduate Master of Business Administration (MBA) is offered for graduates of the natural sciences and engineering.

The Chair of Entrepreneurial Finance offer various courses for both study programs. They provide essential knowledge in finance and economics for entrepreneurs and the management of entrepreneurial firms. An overview of the offered courses is available at "Lectures". A main goal of this course offer is the balanced mix of scientific standard and a strong orientation towards practical application, which is particularly achieved by inviting industry partners and founders to each course. Furthermore, two acknowledged industry experts are visiting lecturers with their own courses in our educational program. The main objective of our teaching program is to prepare the students in the best possible way for their later professional life or possibly the start-up of their own company. All courses and seminars are conducted in English.

The high teaching quality is reflected in very good evaluation results and several honours achieved by the staff of the chairs and its students. Prof. Braun received the Faculty Best Teaching Award for his interactive teaching, strong knowledge mediation, and outstanding grades in all his classes in 2019.