Stefan Weik to present at the AoM Conference 2023 in Boston, USA

We are happy to share that Stefan Weik will present two research projects at the Academy of Management (AoM) Annual Conference 2023 - the world-leading gathering of management scholars from around the globe.

The first paper is titled "The European Disadvantage(s) at Startup Performance: Evidence from Startups Migrating to the U.S.". This paper explores the main performance boosts that startups receive by migrating to the U.S in a large sample of European startups.

The second paper is titiled "Impact of Entrepreneurship Education Programs at University: Quasi-Experimental Evidence," and co-authored with Michael Fröhlich (TUM), Aaron Defort (LMU), Isabell Welpe (TUM), and Chuck Eesley (Stanford). This paper evaluates the impact of participating in an entrepreneurship education program during university on subsequent entrepreneurial activity and success.