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Systemic Risk in Financial Markets: How Systematically Important Are Insurers? Journal of Risk and Insurance

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International asset allocation using the market implied cost of capital

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Did UEFA's Financial fair play harm competition in European football leagues?

In: Review of Managerial Science
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25 Jahre Fama-French-Modell: Erklärungsgehalt, Anomalien und praktische Implikationen

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Finance conference quality and publication success: A conference ranking

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The cost of Private Equity Investing and the Impact of Dry Powder

In: Journal of private Equity
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The impact of the financial crisis on financing technology ventures

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Combination of forecasts for the price of crude oil on the spot market

In: International Journal of Production Research
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Corporate sustainability and asset pricing models: empirical evidence for the Brazilian stock market

In: Production
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Synthetic hedge funds

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Determinants of tracking error in German ETFs – the role of market liquidity

In: Managerial Finance
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Production Flexibility, Product Markets, and Capital Structure Decisions

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Does contingent capital induce excessive risk-taking?

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Challenging the payment effect in bank-financed takeovers

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Effects of return expectation on mutual funds’ risk exposures

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Size, Value, and Momentum in Emerging Market Stock Returns: Integrated or Segmented Pricing?

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Alternative Indexierung am deutschen Aktienmarkt

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Jochim Lauterbach (CEFS), Maximilian Overkott (CEFS)

Modeling Electricity Spot Prices: Combining Mean Reversion, Spikes, and Stochastic Volatility

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Private Equity Minority Investments

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The value of financial flexibility and corporate financial policy

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