Eline Schoonjans, M.Sc.

Academic Background:

01/22 - 04/22
Research Stay as Visiting Scholar, Department of Economics and Kellogg        
Northwestern Universtiy
Since 07/19
Research Assistant and Doctoral Candidate, Chair of Management Accounting
Technical University of Munich
10/16 - 03/19 Master of Science in Management and Technology
Technical University of Munich
10/13 - 08/16 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Ludwig Maximilian University


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Research Agenda

My research focuses on labor economics with a particular interest in questions related to diversity and equality. I study the source and impact of labor market frictions in corporate finance and provide quantitative and data-based policy implications. Using state-of-the art econometric methods, I identify environmental and economic effects of regulatory diversity and elected co-determination. I measure environmental outcomes with water, land, and air pollution data and economic outcomes through accounting- and market-based monitoring quality and firm performance.


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+49 (0) 89 289-25712


Arcisstr. 21, 80333 Munich, Germany



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