Laboratory for experimental economic research at the TU München

Laboratory experiments are a frequently used tool in economic research. They offer the possibility to examine research topics under strictly controlled conditions.

In order to examine economic behavior and decision-making behavior of persons in diverse situations, we have a fully equipped lab a the TU München. This lab enables us to analyze the effects of variations of individual factors accurately.

The faculty's experimental laboratory

We are constantly searching for participants who would like to take part in our economic experiments. If you would like to register for our member pool, please go to the website of experimenTUM: experimenTUM

Registration is free of charge and without obligation. Registered students do regularly receive invitations to take part in our experiments but it is always possible, to take your name off the member pool.

Participation in experiments is an easy and playful way to earn money, since all participants are paid after taking part in an experiment. By taking part in an experiment you also support our researchers and professors in their scientific work to a great extent. 

The protection of your personal data as well as the anonymization of the study results is guaranteed. 

The laboratory has personal computers for 32 participants. These participants are partitioned off from each other and are asked to carry out various tasks and make decisions. Their behavior and the decisions that they make are directly connected to their subsequent remuneration.

The laboratory is led by Prof. Dr. Alwine Mohnen. It can also be used by other chairs of the faculty. It is located in building 505, Stammgelände, Luisenstraße in room 3567 (3rd floor).



Recruiting of test persons

Students who are interested should click here to find out about how to take part in lab experiments and earn money.