New project study: LSEG Refinitiv Hackathon in Fall 2022

Add value to the existing Refinitiv functionalities/applications or create new ones on the preselected subjects

In October/November 2022, Refinitiv will host its fourth inter university hackathon.

Objective: Aid students to apply their academic knowledge within both a commercial and technically secure environment, enabling students to put themselves in the shoes of the professional working in financial and commercial fields to add value to existing Refinitiv Workspace solutions. The above describes technical aspects of our Hackathon, but - as aforementioned - this Hackathon is open to many students, including non-computer-science studying ones.

Modalities: Groups of 3 to 4, supported by Refinitiv professionals, will construct a written workflow to present to a jury of financial professionals (including IB, Management and FinTech). The Chair of Financial Management and Capital Markets is offering to supervise multiple teams.

Winners will be awarded with an e-Certificate and Refinitiv merchandise (subject to availability). The former will help anyone in getting an LSEG Internship interview, if they so wish. Winners producing work of sufficient quality may also be chosen to be published on Refinitiv Developer Portal’s Article Catalogue.

Expectations from Participating Students
You (the Participating Student) ought to:

  • Organise yourselves in groups with complimentary skills - including (i) managerial/idea-implementation, (ii) technical (coding) and (iii) communications.
  • Add value to the existing Refinitiv functionalities/applications or create new ones on the preselected subjects
  • Bring forward a start-up structure to put yourselves in the shoes of professionals in the field of choice.

Example topics:

  • Custom ESG scores to extend existing asset classes e.g.: Create ESG scores based on metrics on deals, bonds, countries
  • Create automatized Pitch Books templates on companies
  • Create Global Reports
  • Climate Transition objective 1,5 degrees: forecast estimates of companies
  • Portfolio Management including Crypto Assets
  • Scenario analysis in trading Crypto Assets

For more information, click here or view the teaser of the previous Hackathon here.

Please send applications including CV and current transcript of records of each team member to Victoria Treßel.