Do research at experimenTUM

Lab policies

To ensure high-quality research, experimenTUM strictly requires compliance with a small set of policies.

  • Experimenters must never deceive participants.
  • Participants must be compensated. Expected pay is what TUM pays student assistants.
  • Experiments are run by researchers (PhD students or better). Students may assist you, but you run your experiment personally.
  • You don't tell participants about the purpose or results of your study outside the lab.
  • You strictly enforce lab policies (e.g., start on time) and immediately record attendance.
  • You support us in recruiting students to participate.

Researchers who don't comply with the lab manager's instructions are excluded from further use of the lab.

We want every researcher to find the lab ready for use. Therefore we take 50 € as security to make sure that you leave the lab as you found it.

Instruction and training

It is understood that you contact the lab manager before running our experiment. We absolutely recommend that you take the PhD seminar in experimental economics, which we offer each summer. We may condition access to the lab on participation in this seminar.

Apply to use the lab

File your application to the experimenTUM team. The application must provide general information about the experiment, including a brief description to show that the experiment complies with experimenTUM's policies. For details, download the guidelines for application.