Ways to do your doctorate

If you are interested in pursuing a doctorate, there are several options for funding:

1. Doctorate as a Research Associate

2. External Doctorate

3. Doctorate with Scholarship

4. Cooperative Doctorate

  • Employed by TUM as Integrated into research of department/institute
  • Closely involved in teaching and supervision of students
  • Academic assistant
  • Employed by an industrial company or  a non-university research institution
  • Academic support by TUM, but also hands-on work in practice
  • Less involved in work of department
  • Finance doctorate with a scholarship from an external organization
  • E.g. foundations, state research institutions or funding agencies
  • More freedom in shaping work process, but same support by TUM
  • Joint supervision by a TUM professor and a professor of an University of Applied Science
  • Combines strengths of both university types – research and application of the research in practice


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